Monday, May 21, 2012

May Long Weekend

It was a really wonderful long weekend - despite Catie ending up with a severe case of pink eye in both eyes. Poor little thing. She looked like a character in one of those zombie movies with her swollen red, goopy eyes. She's on the mend after Grandpa brought some eye drops for her though. Thanks Grandpa! :) 

Here's my cute dad working some peat moss into the garden with the mini rototiller. He grew up on a farm and is an expert gardener. He's pretty much an expert at everything really. Anytime I have a question about something, I can always get an educated answer from him. He's like the walking equivalent of Google.
We planted rows of carrots, lettuce, spinach and cucumbers in the southwest corner. Dad showed me how to use stakes and twine to measure out perfectly spaced and straight rows. It was nice having some one on one time with my dad. I can't remember the last time we did that! :)
We took a break and headed back to my parent's place for a wonderful feast afterwards. The kids ran around outside and rode their bikes all over the place after supper. We all slept like the dead that night.
The next morning I headed out to the garden by myself and planted some radishes and beets. (Mom, you can have all the beets okay? I'm not a fan..I don't think. Maybe I could try juicing them?? :)
We still have more planting to do, which we'll work on this week. Gardening is lot's of fun!
Here are some MORE photos of the cherry blossoms. They smell so divine!
This is the creepy pond behind my parent's house. I wish I had a little canoe so I could paddle out to the middle of it. Alone time. A place where nobody could reach me. (Every mother's secret fantasy:)
I picked myself a little bouquet of cherry blossoms this morning. I had them waiting for myself when I stepped outside to have my morning coffee on the veranda. I'm SO romantic :) *sigh*
Ah yes, the dandelions. They're everywhere and they're gorgeous.
I've been looking into the health benefits of dandelions and was surprised at how nutritionally rich they are. They're jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals! I might attempt to make a salad with dandelion greens and see how they taste :) 
Dandelion tea is also known to be a great purifying tonic and diuretic and helps with weight loss.
It's really easy to make:
Dig up a few dandelion weeds, wash out any grit and soil and then cut away the foliage. Dip the roots and flower petals in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes, then drain off. Do not leave them in the pot too long if you do not like the bitter taste.
I wonder how it really tastes though? Maybe I should try some tonight. I'll report back to you on how that goes :) I wonder what other edible treasures are lurking in my backyard?
Hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. Try putting those beets on the BBQ. Wrap em in foil. little butter and salt. I like to cook until they are a little burnt even. Delish.

  2. Mmm! That DOES sound yummy! Everything tastes more delicious on the the BBQ. Thanks! xo

  3. And yes, also try them juiced. I do half a cuke, a couple of small/one big beet, a few apples and a chunk of ginger. Supposed to be a good detox juice - and it's super yummy!

    Great work on the garden btw! =)K