Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekend Adventures - Part 1

It was so nice to see the sun and some blue sky after so many days of rain.
The dandelions were all peeking out again now that the sun was shining. I never really noticed how they hide when its raining - just like I do :)
Seamus had the brilliant idea to roast marshmallows on Friday evening, so we gathered up some wood from around the yard and made a little fire.
The wood was a little soggy from the rain, but with some carefully placed dry twigs and crumpled up newspapers we quickly had a nice little fire roaring.
Seamus loves roasting marshmallows, but he's not too fond of actually eating them. His preferred method is to roast them until they start on fire, puff up like little balloons and then drop into the fire.
Catie and I rescued a few marshmallows just before they were completely blackened. They were pretty yummy I must say. I think three is my limit :)
Next time we build a fire I'm going to make sure we have graham crackers and chocolate on hand so we can make smores :)
The girls attended a day camp with their Brownie troop on Saturday at Last Mountain Lake. They toured the bird sanctuary, made their own bird feeders, did some hiking and had a ton of fun.
I arrived to pick them up right when they were having supper and was invited to join them. My tummy grumbled just smelling the yummy food - beef & veggie kabobs, baked potatoes and coleslaw. SO good.
Here's Catie right after they sang happy birthday to her. She turned 7 that day. What a little sweetie pie :)
After the day camp was over, we drove over to the beach area and the girls skipped stones on the lake while Seamus played on the swings and slide.
Most of the actual beach area was completely flooded last year so it was nice to see some actual sand.
I can't wait to sit in the hot sand this summer and watch the kids splash around in the water and build sandcastles. Blissful :)

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