Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Adventures - Part 2

This post is continued from yesterday :)
A bunch of trees had to be cut down due to the flooding at the beach last year. It was sad to see all these lonely stumps lining the beach.

Seamus climbed onto this huge rock and winked at me.
The water was perfectly still as I looked out across the lake. It was so peaceful there.
I loved these creepy looking exposed tree roots. I imagined them coming to life and wrapping around my ankles like in an old horror movie. I probably wouldn't even bother to scream - but I'd take pictures :)
The kids played for a little while longer before I herded them all back into the car and we headed home.
The next evening we had a little party with supper and birthday cake at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  
Catie blew out her candles and then we devoured the cake. It was heavenly - layers of chocolate with yummy whipped cream in the middle. She was spoiled with lot's of lovely gifts. A huge thank you to everyone! Lord knows I probably won't get around to mailing out actual thank you cards :/
After coffee and visiting we headed home and the kids totally crashed. I barely had to argue with them to go to bed :) I stayed up late drinking lemon balm & honey tea and enjoyed the quietness. We all slept past the alarm the next morning and had to scramble around getting dressed and packing lunches. It was okay because I had a giant cup of coffee to help me through it all :)

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