Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Sunny Weekend

I was blissfully watering the garden early Saturday morning when the girls asked me if we could go to the lake. The weather was gorgeous and I knew it would be the perfect day for it. They'd both been sick with pink eye and so I examined them closely and they seemed okay. I told them to try and avoid rubbing their eyeballs on anything or anyone :)  
I packed up some sandwiches, fruit and drinks and off we went. (We picked up an extra kid along the way too ;) That seems to happen a lot. I figure I've already got THREE - what's a few more?)
Mom surprised me with a cute little sundress that morning so I wore it to the beach :)
 It was the same style as the one I was wearing in this picture when I was just a little girl:
I ate watermelon later that day too. Someone should have taken a picture of that! :)
The kids ran squealing into the lake without hesitation while I settled myself on a blanket with a book and my camera. We had the entire beach to ourselves which was great!
Seamus was impressed with the number of rocks this particular beach had. "There's SO many!" 
I had a little pile beside me as each kid brought me the prettiest ones they could find.
Seamus came running excitedly up to me with this dandelion.
Mom, I have a present for you!
This is me sitting beside my sprouting garden and revelling in the simple joys of life.
It's time for bed now. All of that fresh air has really tired me out. I haven't had to try and chase kids to bed the past couple of nights - they were practically begging me to put them to bed. I love it when that happens :)  
Have a wonderful week!

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