Saturday, June 30, 2012

Country Car Rides and Kitties

Saturday was hot and humid and my left eye was already twitching before noon.
   A car ride in the country and picture taking always makes things better :)

I quickly discovered that a box of adorable kittens will entertain children for HOURS.
These kittens were so ridiculously cute. I pondered shoving them all down my pants and then running away.
I think the kids were thinking the same thing.
Their little 'meows' were the cutest thing ever. I was just as delighted as the kids were over these furry little creatures.
A wild barn kitten. He came over to check us out, but wouldn't let us catch him.
"Awwww!" Was all any of us could seem to say.
"Mom, I wanna take this one home. He likes me."
If only they stayed that small, I would definitely consider it :)  
Isn't this old barn gorgeous? I LOVE it.
Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

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