Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I watched the girls get on the bus Monday morning and then I grabbed my camera and coffee and headed outside for some solitude. Seamus opted to stay inside watching Spongebob Squarepants :)   
The kitty followed me around and meowed while I took pictures of things.  
The lawn is a sea of dandelions gone to seed right now. I've been collecting containers full of them.
I might be struck with a clever use for them in the dead of winter so it's good to be prepared :)
This is the tree right next to my garden that I sit under in the morning. While gazing up into it I noticed some robins building a nest in the crook of branches. I'm hoping there are babies on the way :)
  The moon was full and so bright the other night. I wish I had a fancy zoom lens for my camera so I could take more detailed pictures of it.
The kids and I were sitting at the kitchen table doing homework last night when I noticed the gorgeous sunset through the trees in the back yard. I shot up out of my chair excitedly and told the kids to go get in the car. They all just looked at me funny - which is a look I'm quite used to :)   
'Seriously! Get in the car!' I said encouragingly.  And so they did.
Off we went for a little evening car ride - and they fought with each other the entire time. I casually mentioned that it was a pretty LONG walk home. They were quiet after that :)
I snapped a few shots before the sun went down and then we headed home. Catie tried to convince me we should go for another car ride soon and that we should stop for ice cream too. I think she's got the right idea :)

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