Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last week was such a blur, but sorting through my pictures reminds me of all the wonderful and happy moments. Here are just a few:
Pretty clouds illuminated by the evening sun.  
Surprise rainbows while sipping coffee on the veranda.
Painting my toenails and then walking through the clover, soft and damp on my toes.
Finding a late blooming lilac bush tucked away in the backyard and then making myself a pretty bouquet for the veranda.
Seamus graduated from pre-school on the 13th. (Kindergarten next year!! :) He was too shy to accept his diploma or stand with the other kids for a group photo, so I snuck a shot of him giving his teacher a gift.
The girls went to a Brownie sleepover camping trip at Rowan's Ravine on Friday so Seamus and I had the evening to ourselves. That's a rarity! I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he'd like to go to the park. So off we went! We did the usual swinging and sliding and I took pictures of the beautiful scenery.
I love these evergreens. It looks like you'd find something magical if you ventured into this mini forest.
I've seen cute little foxes wandering through here before. And garter snakes :)
There were some amazing clouds rolling in from the south and after we were done at the park we went for a little drive so we could get a better view.
We stopped to visit the horses and they walked over to us and stared curiously. Seamus really wanted to get out of the car and go pet them. But there was a deep ditch with really tall grass (and who knows what else!) between us and them so we didn't attempt it.
This horse kept sticking his tongue out at us. Seamus and I giggled :)
After a wonderful evening of playing at the park and driving around with me taking pictures, Seamus crashed hard that night. He looked SO tired and was complaining about a sore tummy. I assumed it was from eating too many weird things that day and so I tucked him into bed thinking a good sleep would cure him.
I woke up to the sound of little feet running down the hall followed by puking at about 5am. Poor little guy.
It's amazing what kind of ripple effect one puking kid can have. Plans were cancelled for that day and we settled in on the couch for the morning. I napped in between Seamus running to the bathroom every half hour. By 10am he seemed to be feeling a bit better, but I was an exhausted mess.

Later that afternoon, Seamus seemed much perkier so I took him with me to go and pick up the girls from camp. I think the fresh and sunny drive was good for him :)
We loaded up the trunk with camping gear and then walked down to the beach.
I'd never been to this particular beach before and it was really nice. Lot's of really great rocks there ;) We'll definitely have to make a trip out there again this summer.
There was a couple getting married right beside the beach. How romantic - and what a perfect spot :)
Today we were planning on going to Last Mountain Lake to swim in the pool, but it's been raining ALL day. I keep looking out the window hoping to see some blue sky. It's turning out to be a good day anyway though. The kids are playing well and I'm sipping coffee and puttering around the house. A perfect Sunday :)

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  1. Like the winding road and clouds photograph.

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