Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday At The Beach

We all piled into the car on Saturday afternoon and headed out to the lake to celebrate Chloe's birthday. She'll be turning 9 on the 10th!! I really can't quite wrap my brain around that! :)
We spotted these pretty horses just on the edge of town.  I've never seen them before - they must be new :) 
Once we arrived at the lake, the kids immediately ran over to the pool area to see if it was open yet.
Nope. Still closed. They were delighted when they heard it would be open to the public next weekend though. Yay!
Who needs a pool when you've got a lake to swim in? Here's Seamus running out of the chilly water to request a towel from me. Notice his two different shoes? Do you think I could find the ones that matched? Nope. They've disappeared - probably to the same place where all the missing socks go.
Yeah, I know - this kid needs a haircut. He's terrified of getting it cut though. The last time we successfully got it done was after he'd been to the dentist and was all woozy from the anesthetic. He was SO laid back :)
I love signs like these :)
I sat on a park bench and watched the kids play. There was a lot of squealing about crayfish and seaweed :)
I also had a great time sifting through the sand for pretty rocks and taking pictures.
We hit the concession stand later for some french fries and slush puppies. The kids munched happily while they warmed up a bit. They were all shivering from playing in the cold lake water.
It was another lovely day at the beach. Everybody had fun and came home with sand in their shoes and buttcracks. Well, except for me of course :)