Monday, June 18, 2012

The Birds

I've seriously lost count of how many times the flu has hit this household in the past few months. It feels like somebody is ALWAYS puking. I used to worry a lot when the kids got sick, but now I go into robot mom mode, hand out puke bowls, cold washcloths and make sure there's lot's of spare underwear handy for when they puke so hard they crap their pants. Motherhood is SO glamourous :)

In between the puking, I sat outside on the veranda (with coffee of course) and watched this cute bird couple build their nest.
I'm not sure what kind of birds they are. I tried to Google them, but after awhile they all started looking the same to me. Anyone know what these are called??
It's kind of nice to have a little show to watch while I'm outside relaxing. I also saw some deer wander through the golf course this morning :)
Here's the nest they're building. It's amazing how quick they whipped this up. It's perfect bird real estate. I don't know why this spot has been vacant for so long. Maybe its haunted?? :)
They're very pretty little birds. I listened to them chirp directions at each other as they brought bits of grass and mud in. They work very well as a couple :) 
It's still raining....
Seamus took advantage of the mud - by playing in it of course. He went through at least 3 outfits yesterday. The bathroom rugs are still caked with mud, but I'm too tired to care :)
Today he was a little more careful not to roll around in it like he did yesterday. Instead, he covered his bike with mud - and left cute little muddy handprints all over my car windows. Boys will be boys :)
Somewhere in between the puking and the mud situation, I played in the garden for awhile pulling weeds and admiring how fast everything is growing.
I picked some baby romaine and baby leaf lettuce for my dinner and it was delicious. Just knowing it grew in MY garden made it even more enjoyable :)
Only a little more than an hour remains before its bedtime for the kids. I'm thankful to have survived the past 3 days. Tonight may call for wine and chick flicks. Too bad I didn't have an entire cheesecake to eat too :)


  1. Yup. I worked at a Bird Sanctuary for years... That's totally what they are.

    I hope you all feel better soon. Is it just me, or are there way more bugs coming home with the kids this year, or what? I am sick to death of getting sick... =/