Thursday, June 7, 2012

This I Know

Today was a lovely day. Every once in awhile the planets align just perfectly and the day unfolds in a calm and gentle way. Or rather, I simply choose not to let the chaos, messes and the occasional kid tantrum bother me :)
This morning I walked through the foot tall dandelions with my flip flops and sundress on and headed out to the garden. I planted a few marigolds and sprinkled some coffee grounds in the soil around the tomatoes.
(Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and make a great fertilizer! :)
Seamus helped me water the marigolds as I planted each one. He's a great helper! After an hour or so he wandered back into the house and curled up on the couch to watch some tv.
I decided to take a little break too. My tummy was starting to rumble :) I made myself some coffee and a snack and headed out onto the veranda with my book.
I recently started reading 'This I Know - Notes on Unraveling The Heart by Susannah Conway.

Here's a little snippet from the introduction of the book:

This is a book about unraveling the layers of our lives and exploring what we find in order to better understand ourselves, our relationships, and our path. Sometimes it seems easier to go through life holding everything in, wrapped up, breath held, eyes forward, but life will always rub up against us—that’s how the pearls are formed. So unraveling is not a bad thing in this context. It’s not coming undone or losing control. It’s letting go in the best possible way, untangling the knots that hold you back, unwrapping the gifts you’ve hidden for too long, unearthing the potential that’s always been there, finally ditching the labels and should-haves, and letting yourself be what you were always meant to be.

I'm also taking Susannah's e-course called Exploring the Senses - 'a 30-day dive into sensual living'.

I'm loving it ALL so far. I think it applies very well to my situation and the unraveling I've been doing over the past two years. Surrendering. Breathing.


  1. Just catching up on your posts and it occurs to me that not only are you The Charm Lady, but you live a charmed life too. Thank you for the inspiration to create more of those kinds of moments in my own life. =)

  2. You always say the most wonderful things. Thank YOU! :)