Sunday, June 10, 2012

We took a little drive around the outskirts of town before we headed to my folks place to celebrate Chloe's birthday.
Storm clouds were rolling in. They were pretty to look at but nothing ever really came of it. I'm still waiting for a really good summer thunderstorm!
I'd never been to the cemetary so we drove through to have a peek. Sounds strange maybe, but it wasn't :) It was very tranquil and beautiful there.
Seamus cracked me up when he said very seriously from the backseat : 'Everybody is dead here mom'.
Kids are so hilarious. And very wise :)
More clouds rolling in.
Chloe blowing her candles out on the beautiful cake Grandma made for her. It was so delicious!
Chloe is going to be taller than me soon at the rate she's growing :)
Chloe and Catie modeling the new outfits they got. Very cute :)

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