Monday, July 9, 2012


Summer mornings have quickly become the best part of my day. I sneak outside with a cup of coffee before the kids are awake and sit in blissful silence.
The aroma of coffee always alerts the kitty that I'm awake and he comes wandering casually out of the bushes looking for his breakfast.

I watch the mama bird sitting patiently in her nest waiting for her babies to hatch. She'll have 4 little mouths to feed soon. I hope she's getting as much sleep as she can now. Lord knows she'll need it :)

Giant bubblebees whiz past my ear and horseflies try and take chunks of flesh from my ankles. It seems my arm flapping and restrained cursing is ineffective.
The sky is perfectly blue and the air is filled with the sounds of birds and their various songs.
The crows are busy feeding their loud, squawking babies and crowing at all of the other birds. I liken them to the playground bullies of the bird world.
My garden is doing really well. Everything is so lush and green! The corn is getting taller by the day and I'm pretty sure if I laid down between the rows, nobody would be able to find me. I could take naps in there. The cool dirt and shady leaves would make it the perfect spot :)
Upon pondering naps between the rows of corn, I discovered tiny drops of dew all over the leaves this morning. These are the little things that make me happy. The way the sunlight hits each little drop. So gorgeous and amazing.
I've realized that keeping the garden weed-free is much like doing housework - it never ends! I could weed all day and still there'd be more weeds.

 I'm not complaining one bit though. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing. My eye never twitches when I'm in the garden  - unless of course the children wake up and wander outside to begin their whining and fighting for the day.
I take a break from early morning weeding when my tummy starts growling and I have a yummy breakfast on the veranda. So relaxing and wonderful.
Seamus is obsessed with spraying things with the garden hose - including me. I've received a few unexpected showers lately ;) With this hot weather we've been having, its actually quite nice. Perks me up a little you know? :)
Hope you're having a wonderful week so far!

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