Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thunderstorms and Brain Fog

There's been a lot of crazy weather happening lately. Thunderstorms, lightning and tornado warnings. It makes me a little nervous, but I still love it. The kids and I can always dive down into the creepy basement to take refuge if we need to :)
Instead of hiding in the muggy house, we've been jumping into the air-conditioned car and going storm chasing. I take pictures while the kids slap each other silly in the back seat.
Can you spot the deer??
This cow looked a little worried she might be swept away by a tornado. Lay low Ms. Cow and you'll be fine...
I love fields of canola. They look so pretty against the blue sky.
I still haven't fulfilled my desire to run through a field of wheat or canola. Maybe this night...with a bottle of wine..and a flashlight :)
I did some cloud watching for over an hour tonight. Just me, a giant iced coffee and my camera. It was far better than anything you could ever find on TV. If my TV exploded one day, I'd be totally fine with it. I'd be relieved in fact. The kids might not be too impressed though. They could always entertain themselves with beating the crap out of each other like they usually do.
I think I'm still adjusting to having the kids home all day. My brain is feeling somewhat overloaded and I've been in a bit of a fog. My left eye is still twitching :/
In between cooking & doing dishes and the constant demands of three kids, I've been spending as much  time outside as possible just soaking up the sun. I fell asleep beside the garden the other day after I wore myself out pulling weeds and flapping my arms and swearing profusely at the horseflies. Napping outside is the best thing ever. Just give me a hammock and a mosquito net and I'd be happy for hours.
I'm going to go fall into bed now and probably drool on my pillow in a very unlady-like manner :)  

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