Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Regina Folk Festival 2012

Time has been flying by around here! I swear it jumped from June to August. Everything in between is just a blur of activity. My whole routine went right out the window and its actually been kind of nice!
My baby barn swallows grew up and flew away a couple weeks ago. Here they are getting ready to leave the nest. I kind of miss watching them while I sipped my coffee out on the veranda. It was neat to watch the mom and dad fly in with worms & bugs to feed them. I miss their cute little heads on wobbly necks and their crazy chirping. It's so quiet out there now.
I'm trying to figure out where the summer went and am determined to make each day before school starts last as long as possible. I'm pretty sure we can squeeze in a few more trips to the lake and rambling drives on country roads ;)
This summer has been perfectly gorgeous for exploring country roads and picture taking. I'm still sorting through all of the photos I've taken.  
I spent the past three weeks frantically preparing for the Regina Folk Festival which was held on August 10-12. I made more stuff in those three weeks than I did in the past year I'm sure. There were a lot of late nights and coffee drinking involved :)
I had a cozy little screened in gazebo/tent right across from one of the stages in the park.
AND a perfect view of The Great Lake Swimmers, The Wooden Sky and lot's of other amazing bands.
The show was a huge success and lot's of fun. In addition to selling most of my stuff, I got some much needed ME time :) I had amazing friends helping me out the entire weekend which made things run a lot smoother. My family watched the kids for me which was SO nice. A HUGE thanks to you guys! :)

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  1. Hurrah!!!
    I was wondering where you'd gotten to. Glad to hear it was such a success, and that you had some time to enjoy being YOU. =)