Monday, September 17, 2012

A little bit of everything.

I've been wanting to blog for days and days, but these things can't be forced I guess. I'm finding it hard to blog when there aren't 3 kids interrupting me every 30 seconds :)

It's a sunny, crisp morning and I'm staying warm and cozy inside with a giant cup of coffee and the brand new Avett Brothers CD playing. It's just as divine as I expected it would be. I'll probably listen to it all day while I putter around the house :)  

The kids were back to school a couple weeks ago and we've all settled in to a relaxing new routine. Seamus is in Kindergarten 2 days one week and 3 days the next so I've been enjoying entire days to myself. It's all very surreal. I've allowed myself a couple weeks to just BE and let the reality of it all sink in.

When kids are little, it feels like they're going to be little forever. To have them all in school is both sad and exciting. Kind of an empty nest feeling.
The kids are all doing well in school so far. Seamus had one morning where he was in tears and didn't want to go. 'But I'll miss you mama', he said. Those sad big brown eyes nearly broke my heart. I squeezed and kissed him and tried not to cry too. I assured him I'd miss him too, that he'd have lots of fun and that I'd be waiting right here for him when he came home.
He was brave that morning and went to school despite the tears. I watched him walk to the bus with his giant backpack on and his two sisters to protect him. Sure they fight a lot, but they look out for each other too. Thank goodness for that :)
I snuck outside earlier this morning in a slight panic to check on my tomatoes. I'm not sure if they're okay or not. Good thing I already have pounds and pounds of them in my deepfreeze :) The amount of tomatoes I harvested from my garden was pretty funny. My kitchen is filled with bowls and bowl of them. The fridge too. I've made salsa, spaghetti sauce, stuffed tomatoes, chili and I still have enough tomatoes to take me through the winter. My garden was a huge success and I can't wait to plant another one next spring- but maybe with not quite so many tomato plants ;)  

I've had an abundance of cucumbers too. I love running a couple of them through my juicer for a refreshing drink in the mornings.
The changing of the leaves from green to golden is helping to ease my mourning for the loss of summer. My sundresses have sadly been hung up in my closet. I can't bear the idea of wearing jeans and bras after having such freedom all summer. Yoga pants, tank tops and hoodies will be my official winter attire. Softness and comfort all the way.

We have kitties! All those trips to the farm and the pleading of small children wore me down and we ended up taking a cute male orange one home...and then a few days later a darker colored female. They're adorable and they make me giggle :)
We now have equal amounts of kids and cats - as well as the very tempting option for me to become a crazy cat lady should I decide to go that route :)

Now that I have a little more freedom, I'm going to throw myself completely into growing my business. This is my chance and I'm jumping in! I feel this tiny burning flame in my heart urging me forward.

 "I'm rested and I'm ready to begin..." The Avett Brothers just sang those lyrics to me as I was writing this blog. *sigh* :) 
I took myself for a drive one kid-free sunny afternoon, letting the wind blow through my hair and pulling over to talk to the cows lounging in the pasture. 
They just looked at me strangely as I snapped pictures and made friendly conversation with my fake British accent. (When I talk to animals, it automatically comes out in a British accent. It just seems more acceptable that way for some reason . Hee hee :)

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