Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bird Chasing

My brother burst into my house last night (scaring the crap out of me) to tell me there were huge flocks of birds assembling in a nearby field. I excitedly jumped up, grabbed my camera, herded the kids into the car and off we went.
We found the birds swimming in this pond just outside of town. Taking a pre-trip bath perhaps?
 As we drove up to them, they all flew across the road and landed in a field.
There were hundreds and hundreds of them!
 We pulled over on the gravel road, got out of the car and slowly started walking towards them. As we got closer, they suddenly all rose up at the same time. For a moment my brother and I panicked when it looked like the birds were heading towards us. Fortunately they flew in the other direction. No panicking necessary :)
I love how you can see the moon peeking out over the tops of these trees. Dust, like a thick fog, was still hanging in the air from a truck that had just passed by.
We followed the flock from one field to another and I snapped tons of pictures. I wish I'd chosen better footwear though. Walking through stubbly farmer's fields in flip flops wasn't really the best idea.
Chasing birds is tiring and the sun was starting to go down, so we headed home.
Sunset on Main St.
Another lovely Fall day.


  1. Amazing!!! What an awesome way to spend the night. Thanks for sharing. =)