Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Equinox

Today is the first day of fall, but it's beautiful and sunny out so I'm pretending its still summer for now :)  

We're having a cozy Saturday morning. The kids are curled up with blankets on the couch watching movies and playing with kitties while I savour sips of coffee and ponder what we'll do today.

I took a drive in the country yesterday while all of the kids were at school. I didn't want to miss out on taking pictures of all of the gorgeous Fall scenery out there.
I love how this abandoned house is just sitting casually in the middle of a farmer's field. No use tearing it down when you can just farm around it right?
Pretty rolling hills with rainbows of foilage. The colours are breathtaking.
There are lots of barns around that look like this. Leaning precariously to one side but still standing strong. A metaphor for life :)
There are bales and bales of hay stacked everywhere. Harvest is still going strong and I've been sneezing for almost a month as a result of all the and dust and pollen floating through the air.
I bet this house would have been really nice back in it's day. Now it looks like it belongs to the cows. It even comes with its own guard cow.
I drove into the yard and made sure there weren't any stray cows around before I got out of the car to take pictures. I had visions of being trampled by a mad cow and ending up trapped out there until a farmer wandered by to rescue me. You never know - it could happen :)
They all turned and stared at me and it made me giggle. Those aren't just cows you know. I imagine them all as people, each with their own personality, just living the simple life.
I headed home from my explorations and had just enough time to sneak a nap before the kids got home from school. A lovely day indeed :)
Obligatory napping kitty picture.
These two snooze ALL day while the kids are at school and then turn into maniacs after the kids are in bed. It's like having two little elephants running around the house. Highly entertaining :)
Enjoy your weekend!

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