Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer Explorations

I've gotten to know the grid roads quite well during my summer explorations. Well enough that I can eventually find my way back home anyway. However, if it was dark out, I'd be lost forever. My sense of direction is bad enough during the day - even if I was holding a compass. I'd be a goner if I attempted nighttime explorations. I'd end up in Alaska for sure.

I've chatted with most of the cows and I've stumbled upon many abandoned farmyards. I love the old houses and their faded red barns and creaky windmills.

I didn't go inside any of the houses, but I got close enough to get a few goosebumps and raised arm hairs. I've heard stories of adventurous photographers falling through rotted floorboards into basements and then drowning in old cisterns. So that pretty much keeps me from going inside. Also, my mother told me not to :)

I loved this old red house. I tried to imagine who might have lived there and what it would have looked like inside. I would love to go digging through old archives to try and discover each house's history. I'd write a book about it and it would be filled with amazing pictures and all the farmers would have a copy of it on their coffee tables ;)

I wish I could restore this old house and just move in. It would be wonderful to have my own little farm and watch the kids run to the road to catch the bus in the mornings. I would go out and hang the laundry on the line, pick wildflowers, run through a field of wheat and sip my coffee on the screened-in porch.  There'd be a goat or two wandering around, lot's of farm kitties and definitely some chickens. *sigh* Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.

This house was the creepiest. There were still coats hanging on hooks by the back door. It looks like whoever lived there might have left in a hurry. The kids were convinced it was haunted. I agreed :)

On our way home from one of our explorations, we were driving down the highway and discovered hundreds and hundreds of birds hanging out on the telephone wires and in the nearby fields.

I pulled over (tires maybe squealing just a little bit), threw some candy at the kids and then jumped out of the car, snapping photos wildly.  

I may be slightly obsessed with birds and telephone poles and trees. And birds ON telephone wires or tree branches. Any combination of birds, trees, telephone poles and wires really :)  

Yep. It was a glorious summer indeed :)

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