Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There's beauty everywhere you look.

It's been such a gorgeous fall. The weather has been so warm this week that if it weren't for the turning of the leaves, I'd swear it was still summer. I've been savouring every blissful minute of it.
The new Mumford & Son's CD - Babel has helped add to my bliss. I've been blaring it nonstop in the house and in my car. It's AMAZING :)

Seamus and I headed over to Grandma's earlier this week for a visit. Mom and I sipped our coffee outside while Seamus explored the yard looking for ladybugs and frogs.
He found a creepy worm underneath this piece of wood. I remember doing that as a little girl too. The best bugs are always hiding under rocks and logs ;)
I wandered around my parent's property snapping pictures and crunching leaves with my flip flops.
The sun was shining and all the leaves seemed to be glowing magically.
I stood at the bottom of this tall tree and turned my gaze upward. Gorgeous.
There's beauty everywhere I look.

I escaped the chaos of the house the other day and snuck outside for a few moments of quiet time. Just me and the trees. I sat down on the crunchy ground and smiled.
All is well and everything is as it should be.
That's my new mantra.
I've been harvesting seeds from all of the flowers in my garden. These are marigold seeds which I plan to plant around the perimeter of the garden again next spring. They're great for keeping deer and bugs away - and they look pretty too! :)  
I've also been busy collecting leaves and pressing them. I have them stashed between pages of books all over the house. I'm pretty sure I'll remember where I put them all...
I'm rounding up the kids after supper and taking them for a drive. I'll get to snap pictures and they'll get to breathe in all that fresh air that helps them sleep so well at night ;)
More pictures to soon follow :)

In the meantime, here's a little bit of heaven for your ears:

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