Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lake of the Plains School No. 2318

The kids didn't have school this past Wednesday due to a teacher conference. It was a dreary, cloudy day and by mid-afternoon I was REALLY tired of  being stuck inside with bored, fighting children. Car rides are always the perfect solution to that. Fresh air and a much needed change of scenery. So off we went! 

The fighting carried on during the car ride of course, but I kept myself distracted by looking for fun things to take pictures of and calmly asking the kids if they felt like walking home. You know - the usual routine. 

We were exploring an area NE of town that we'd never been to before and came across an old schoolhouse. It looked like it was still in pretty good condition so I thought I'd take a peek inside :)  
The old blackboards were covered with names and dates of all the people who had been inside since it closed down. 
'Shirley' (a former pupil maybe?) from Oregon signed her name on the blackboard in 1989 :)
Out of curiosity, I went online to look for information on this particular school. I was excited when I found an article about it - along with lots of information about the town and surrounding area where I currently live. 

The school was built in 1909 for $2000. A stable was built first and the children were taught there until the school was completed. 

After the school closed in 1959, the building was tendered for sale. The community formed a club and petitioned the School Unit to keep the building. Their request was granted and the building was used for many dances and social functions over the next ten years. 
The windows have all been broken out and the floors are heaved pretty badly but they're still really sturdy.  There are gaping holes where you can see right down into a very creepy looking basement. I found the door leading to the basement but wasn't feeling brave enough to descend the creepy looking steps. It makes me shiver just to think of it :) 
It's strange to imagine this was a bright and cheery classroom for 50 years. I wonder how many students were taught there altogether? 
The building was later purchased in 1970 by the fellow who owned the quarter section of land that it sits on. 
It's been sitting there quiet and lonely ever since. 


  1. SO cool! Gorgeous images, lady. And way to be brave!!! Creepy basements are outside of reasonable, IMHO. ;)