Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pumpkin picking and bird rescues

It's a cold, crisp morning out there and everything is covered with a layer of frost. Catie is home with a slight fever and cough today. She's tucked in cozy on the couch with movies and munching on popcorn. The kitties are entertaining themselves with a cardboard box and I'm trying to make a dent in the laundry. I've got the strong coffee flowing :) 

Seamus and I went for another drive earlier this week. I snapped pictures and took note of a few more abandoned farms that I'd like to visit before the snow flies.  
We took a trip to the Lincoln Gardens Farm on the weekend to pick out pumpkins.
The kids had a blast trying to choose a pumpkin. I picked one too! :)
There were also lot's of other yummy things for sale.
There was lot's of fresh produce, honey, homemade jams, salsa, pickles and gourds.
It was a lovely Sunday :)
We rescued a bird that had flown into the livingroom window yesterday. He had knocked himself pretty silly and appeared to be in a state of shock for a few minutes.  
I held him in my hand, worried he might not survive. His eyes were closed and he was limp with his legs tucked up under him.
Suddenly, surprising us all, he just came back to life and flew away! 'We saved him!' exclaimed Seamus.
A happy ending :)