Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend started with a trip into the city to see one of my favourite bands play - Cuff the Duke.
They just released a new CD entitled 'Union' and are on tour right now. 
You can listen to it here. I'm loving ALL of the songs from it - especially 'Stay' and 'All I Want' :)

It was so nice to get away from fighting kids and piles of laundry for a few hours. I jumped into my car, giddy with freedom and drove into the city. I stopped along the way to take a few pictures. The sunsets have been gorgeous this fall. 
Mom cooked an amazing turkey dinner on Sunday afternoon and it was SO delicious. I've been obsessed with making cheesecakes lately so I baked a pumpkin one for dessert. I found the super easy recipe on Pinterest.  There's still a tiny slice in the fridge seductively calling out my name....
With some of the leftover pumpkin filling, I made myself a pumpkin spice latte. Everyone has been talking about them lately and making me really want one. The nearest Starbucks is an hour away though so I decided to improvise! :)
I brewed two shots of espresso and then I steamed some milk with 3 tablespoons of pumpkin puree, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar. I poured all of that into the espresso and this is what I got:
Heaven in a mug. 
I think I might have to go and make myself one right now. Yes. That's what I'm definitely going to do :) 
The weather has been really cold and wet lately. It rained most of the day yesterday, with fluffly flakes of snow coming down off and on too. 
I hope winter stays away for just a little while longer. I'm not quite ready for the snow yet. 

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