Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beautiful Accidents

I love waking up on cold winter mornings and looking out the window to see everything completely covered with sparkly frost. After having some coffee to warm me up, I grabbed my camera and went out to explore the backyard for awhile. I left the kids to chase the kitties around and battle it out over the last cheese string. They didn't have any school today so it's been a lazy Sunday kind of a day.  

It was crisp and cold out with a gentle wind. But best of all, it was quiet and peaceful.
It doesn't matter how often I go out there with my camera, I always find something new to capture with my lens. Nature changes things into something new and beautiful every single day. 
My new winter boots are SO toasty warm and comfortable!! They're the first real pair of heavy duty boots I've had in years. Even without socks on, they still keep my toes warm. AND they make me feel taller ;)

I've been practicing nighttime photography a little bit lately and experimenting more with my camera. I slipped outside last night while the kids were all cozy on the couch with a movie to snap a few pictures. 
I love how these ones turned out. Both were a result of not knowing how the hell to use my camera properly. 
You don't have to be an 'expert' at anything to be successful. An honest attempt resulting in beautiful accidents are better than struggling for perfection. 

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