Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween & Freshly Fallen Snow

The past couple of weeks have been pretty challenging for me. I'm missing the warmth of the sun and the blue skies. I open all of the curtains and blinds every morning, but I can't seem to let enough light in. My energy feels low. There's been lot's of napping going on, comfort eating, baking, bubble baths and painting fingers & toes with glittery nail polish. A much needed period of rest and rejuvenation. At first, I feel guilty for not being as productive as I think I should be, but then I learn to just let go and lean into it. The day will soon come where I'll be buzzing with energy and new ideas. For now, I need to take advantage of the quiet days when all of the kids are in school. Soaking up the solitude, resting my bones and gently reminding myself that all is well and everything is as it should be :)  
This is the gorgeous view from my veranda. So many times I just stand there in complete awe of the beauty in front of me.  
It was hard to roll out of bed this morning. I was so cozy under my many layers of warm blankets. The thought of a giant cup of coffee is what eventually pulled me out of my cocoon. It tasted so good today and I felt a huge sense of  peace as I gazed out the window at the fresh dusting of snow outside. There were cute little paw tracks all across the veranda and a hungry kitty waiting for me at the front door. 
The kids were all piled into one twin bed when I went to wake them up this morning. They're all totally fascinated and obsessed with ghost stories lately, but they scare themselves so badly that they can no longer sleep on their own or go to dark parts of the house without an escort. It makes me giggle because I remember being the exact same way as a kid. Scared something might grab my ankle if I let my foot dangle off the couch and worried there was something under my bed. I still casually check behind shower curtains everywhere I go. You just never know :) 
Halloween was lot's of fun this year. There was pumpkin carving, pumpkin seed roasting and perfect weather for trick or treating. 
Catie was dressed as a leopard. 
Seamus was (a grumpy) Captain Jack Sparrow. Look at that pouty face - which he was totally playing up for the camera. He's not really a huge fan of dressing up and could not be convinced to let me draw a cute little mustache on him or smear some black eyeliner around his eyes.  He was still cute though :)
 I somehow missed getting a picture of Chloe with her zombie cheerleader costume on. She spent Halloween at a friend's house and came home with 2 pillowcases stuffed with candy. 
Here's Catie with her haul. 
Now I just have to try and get through my day without raiding their candy stash. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't miss a mini chocolate bar or two should I happen to crave something sweet :)
I went outside to take the garbage out after the kids left for school. Well, I missed the garbage man so I decided to grab my camera and explore instead. I crunched through the leaves and freshly fallen snow in the backyard and breathed the cool air into my lungs. Everything looked so crisp and clean. It was completely quiet except for the happy chirping of a couple birds. The cool wind chased me back inside to sip coffee and watch the kitties play with noisy candy wrappers and wrestle with each other.    

Today I'm loving this song by Frightened Rabbit. 

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