Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reality TV

The kids are all sleeping soundly and I'm puttering happily around the house sipping coffee and not caring if it keeps me up all night or not :)

 I gaze around and smile at the little personalized messes they've each left behind. Seamus with his little cars scattered all over the rug and his train set derailed on the floor. Catie's intense craft session at the kitchen table - glue, brightly coloured tissue paper, markers and string. She made me a cute little collage to hang on the fridge :) Chloe's mess includes a little pile of mini chocolate bar wrappers and her mp3 player. Too cute.  

Seamus with a kitty. Not really sure what was going on here.... LOL
This is a typical scene in our living room - Catie doing a random headstand in the middle of the floor and a basket of laundry waiting to be folded. As soon as you fold it, another full basket appears. It's like magic!
Evenings are such a blur of activity around here. Preparing supper, clearing away the dishes, helping with homework, bathtime, playtime.... and me always being pulled in 3 different directions at all times. I feel so popular - and perhaps a little nutty :)

This cat does ALL the stereotypical kitty stuff. He climbs trees, drinks out of the toilet and leaves mice for me at the front door. A very adventurous little fellow indeed. He's got a fat little belly and is the greatest cuddler too. I'm starting to really lean towards this whole 'crazy cat lady' concept :) 
The tree climbing incident earlier this week was pretty funny. He went WAY up high. I think maybe he was looking for squirrels. Can you see him there in the branches? He kind of blends in. He came down without anybody having to call the fire department thank goodness.
I should really start filming all the things that happen around here. I could have myself a pretty entertaining reality show :) As far as I know, there aren't any 'single mom/crazy cat lady' reality shows yet...
Maybe I should get myself an agent. 
We had a bit of snow a few days ago, but its all gone now. The weather has been really nice and the skies are as gorgeous as ever. 
I wish the ceiling in my room was made of glass and I could stare at the stars at night before I pass out with exhaustion :)

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