Monday, November 26, 2012

Skidoo Adventures

It's a crisp Monday morning and I've got two little monkeys parked on the couch watching movies and being cozy. Catie is home sick with a sore tummy and a bit of a fever and its Seamus' scheduled day off from Kindergarten. I'm sipping a latte and enjoying the calmness. 
We had lot's of fun skidooing on Saturday. The kids were bundled up nice and warm with only their eyes peeking out. They loved being pulled around in the calf sled through farmer's fields.
We stopped and explored a couple of abandoned grain storage sheds and took shelter from the wind for a few minutes. 
I rode in the sled for awhile too and took pictures of Chloe and the scenery whizzing by. It was fun - and bumpy! 
My view from behind the skidoo. 
While whizzing past some trees, the sound of the skidoo startled two black crows from the branches. 
When we got back home I made some hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm us all up. It was the perfect ending to the afternoon. After all of that fresh air, the kids slept like logs that night :) 
We've got tons of snow now and the kids are having a blast playing in it. They take their sleds to school and play on the giant hill in their schoolyard at recess. They've also been busy building forts and snowmen in the backyard and throwing snowballs at each other. 
Here's Seamus crawling through a tunnel the girls dug in the snow. It made me feel slightly claustrophobic just watching him. 
He made it safely through to the other side. Whew! :)
The veranda has been all prettied up with Christmas lights. Soon the tree will go up...and then there will be cats climbing all over it like the last two years :) 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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