Saturday, December 8, 2012


Its been a week filled with gorgeous early morning sunrises..
...and more eggnog lattes than I care to admit. 
The friendly neighbourhood squirrel was out and about this week. He totally makes my day whenever I spot him :)
We stumbled upon a crumbling farmhouse and this rickety old storage shed during our last skidoo trip.
The smell of skunk was drifting through the air so I didn't get too close :) 
It was a crisp day and everything was covered with frost. These trees looked magical.
We were skidooing across a field when we came upon this deer standing calmly under a tree. I snapped a couple of pictures before it turned and disappeared. 
Napping kitty.
A little bird stopping for a rest in the barren lilac branches just as the sun started to set today.  
I've been busy listing lot's of new pendants and lowering prices in my Etsy shop. Go have a peek!
I've also started listing 4x6 prints of my photography in my Etsy shop. I can turn any of my photos into prints of any size. All requests accepted! :)
 Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

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  1. 'm glad you've added some of your photos to your Etsy shop. I love them.