Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gratitudes and Starting Fresh

It was pretty hard waking up this morning. When the alarm went off at 7 am, it felt like it should still be the middle of the night. The kids got up without too much fuss and I got them dressed, fed and out the door smoothly and efficiently. Whew! 

I just watched them climb onto the school bus. I smiled and waved as it drove away. After 12 days with 3 kids being home all day, I think I'm ready to get back into my old routine. It was nice to have a break from everything and slip into vacation mode with the kids though. 

I can hear a kitty splooshing around in the toilet upstairs with a furry paw as though it were a paddling pool. The kids must have left the lid up again. Its kind of comical sounding. Cats are weird, but highly entertaining :)

The sun is glorious this morning. I'm sipping on a green smoothie, soaking up the solitude and feeling grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life - particularly my family. I have the most AMAZING parents and siblings. So supportive and caring. I'm a very lucky girl.
Our holidays were pretty calm and quiet - well, except for the intermittent fighting that broke out between the kids. Sometimes its just a squabble, other times fists are flying and I feel like I'm watching the kid version of UFC :/

We spent days in our pajamas, munching on fudge, cookies & caramel popcorn that my mom lovingly made and sent over. Mom cooked her usual amazing turkey feast on Christmas day and then another feast on New Year's Day. 
Seamus and my brother built stuff out of lego. 
The girls and I had fun making lip balms and bath bombs from the kits they got for Christmas. 
My awesome brother spent at least 4 days of his vacation helping me completely clean and organize my house. Its become a ritual to do this at least once a year or more. I'm quite the opposite of a hoarder, but sometimes things just pile up before I even realize it! When you're busy raising three kids on your own, sometimes cupboard organization becomes low on the priority list :) Trying to keep things looking clean on the surface is a major feat in itself! Opening closets and cupboards often results in mini landslides around here. 

Old clothes & shoes were bagged up for donation, every drawer and cupboard purged and rearranged. When the garbage man comes to my house on Friday morning, he may very well have a heart attack. He certainly won't be very happy I'm sure. I've lost count of how many bags of garbage are piled outside waiting to be picked up. Starting the new year with a clean house feels really good! 

We spent the last couple of weeks in a deep freeze which sent me into major hibernation mode. The weather is supposed to warm up today though. 
Venturing outside with my camera today sounds like a good idea. Having a nap first sounds like an even better one! :)

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