Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowmobile Poker Run

I participated in a snowmobile poker derby this past weekend. It was something I've never done before and a chance to get some fresh air and take some pictures. Fun!  
A typical derby is usually a fundraising event where participants ride from one heated shack to another collecting tokens & socializing with friends. At the end of the day tokens are turned in for a draw of a Poker hand.  Everyone gathers for drinks and food and door prizes are handed out.

This was the first little shack we stopped in at. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I didn't even need to step inside to warm up. I just wandered around taking pictures. 
Every few miles, the group of sledders would stop and wait for all the stragglers and make sure nobody was missing before heading out again. 
We came around a curve, headed up a steep hill and found ourselves at the second rest stop with a bunch of other sledders. 
It was neat watching this group of sledders heading up the hill towards us, zig-zagging along. 
We stepped into the shack to warm our toes. It was cozy inside and there was even a wood burning stove. A few people were cooking their lunch and it smelled divine.
We were on top of  a huge hill and I could see for miles in all directions. An old abandoned house or barn sat nestled in the trees.  
This old piece of farm machinery was perched at the top of the hill. (I think it may have been a swather, but don't quote me on that.) 
There was also this weird, creepy statue thing.
On our way to shack number three, our skidoo took a sudden spill as we rode down a sloped area. I was thrown off and landed in a neat pile in the snow, completely confused as to what had happened. My helmet took the brunt of the impact and I didn't even break my glasses which was surprising. I somehow scraped and bumped my left eye quite badly though so I've been walking around with a bit of a shiner. It's bright purple and yellow today. I think if I applied some purple eye shadow to the other eye, nobody would even notice :) 

After that incident, I was quite shaken so I decided not to continue on with the rest of the derby. I was driven home by some locals to rest instead. I think I was in a bit of shock. One moment I was riding peacefully on the back of a skidoo and the next, I was laying on the ground. Probably not a big deal for most experienced sledders, but for me it was quite a jarring experience. I remember mostly feeling disappointed that the trip ended so early. I wanted to make it to the end and experience everything. Oh well :/
Seamus looked at my eye and asked 'Mom, did you break yourself?' I didn't break myself, but I think I'll be avoiding skidoos for awhile :)

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