Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekends and Whoopee Cushions

It's been a pretty typical lazy weekend. The kids have been busy making a racket with whoopee cushions and noise putty. Seamus has been singing Taio Cruz's - Dynamite over and over and over.....and fighting keeps breaking out randomly over who's turn it is to play Minecraft. *twitch*  At any time during the day, I can grab some coffee, find a cozy spot and watch the 'show' :)

We had some lovely weather this weekend. The girls couldn't be dragged away from the computer, but Seamus and I went outside for some fresh air. He got started on a snowman right away. 
The kitties came out to play too. 
Their shorty furry legs disappeared into the snow as they followed me around the yard. 
Here's Ginger peering curiously at my camera while I point it close to his furry little face. 
I can't wait for these to bloom bright and yellow in the summer. 
I've been playing in the dirt a little bit in anticipation of spring. I'm waiting patiently for my windowsill herb garden to sprout. 
I planted a pot of grass seed just for fun. It sprouted within days and is already lush and green. When I stick my nose into it, close my eyes and breathe in deeply, it smells like summer :) 
Seamus sniffed and said 'Mom, this smells like real grass!' 
I've recovered quite nicely from my faceplant last Saturday. Only some minor bruising remains. I still feel a little bit spaced out and tired from the whole incident though. Getting bonked on the head does that to a person I suppose. Or that could just be the effects of motherhood :)

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