Saturday, April 6, 2013

Forces of Nature

The kids have been on Easter break for what feels like a really long time. Ten days to be exact. 
I've learned that blasting music and sitting close to the speakers mostly drowns out the sounds of their fighting. Or locking myself in the bathroom, turning the shower on, stepping inside with a glass of wine and sobbing loudly. I like to change it up a bit you know? 

They've given me the occasional sanity break by going outside to play - but only after I've pried all electronic devices out of their sticky little hands, hidden the remote controls and disconnected power cords :) 

Once outside, they discovered piles of snow, mud puddles and all sorts of wonderful things they'd forgotten about while they'd been hypnotized by technology. The fresh air cleared the cobwebs from their brains and the vitamin D from the sun recharged their batteries. They came home with their boots and mittens completely soaked and Catie's face was pink with windburn. 

Can we go to bed now? the kids said to me after a long day outside. Those words are magic to any mother's ears. When a kid actually ASKS to go to bed - well there's really nothing better than that. Nothing! :)

I was up early the other morning fumbling around for a cup of coffee when I spotted this little fox outside my kitchen window. 

I've caught little glimpses of him before, but this was the first time he actually sat in one spot for more than just a moment. He looked around, sniffed the air and casually cleaned his tail while the snow and wind whipped around him. He had this powerful energy about him and I couldn't take my eyes away.   
I believe that certain animals show up in our lives to teach us something. You just have to be open to it and willing to pay attention. Maybe that sounds a little 'woo woo' to most people, but I think it makes perfect, wonderful sense. 

The fox encourages us to think outside of the box and use our intelligence in different, creative ways. The fox also brings us a message to try to approach our circumstances different than we normally would. Be aware of some of our habits and try a different angle of action. The fox is also a reminder that we must utilize all of our resources (seen and unseen) in order to accomplish our goals. Sometimes this means calling upon some unorthodox methods. Furthermore, the fox is a sign to be mindful of our surroundings. 

Pay attention to which animals keep showing up for you or what animals you've been drawn to all of your life and then do a little research about it. You may be pleasantly surprised :)

A pretty pair of grazing horses. 

The deer are so plentiful around here lately. I can literally just hop in the car, drive down the highway and find herds of them hanging out in fields munching on whatever they can find buried in the lingering snow. 
This herd was running alongside the car as we drove down the highway. There were at least 20 of them all running together. 
I love being so close to nature and the wildlife right outside my door. It's amazing. 

Speaking of nature and it's amazingness, Chloe told me about some loud cracking noises she heard the other morning. I assumed it was just snow sliding off the roof due to the warmer weather we've been having. A few hours later we discovered where the noise came from. 
The roof on the old garage in the backyard had buckled under the weight of the snow. There's a lovely 'skylight' where the roof used to be.  

It looks quite lovely actually - the way the sun floods in through the crack and the water drips down onto the pile of junk in there. Gotta look on the bright side right? :) 

The garage is leaning a little to the left now. It's old and probably not worth repairing:/ It will have to be torn down, which makes me feel a little sad, but I look at it as having more space for planting flowers. OR it would be the perfect spot for a little gazebo or a pergola!

Either way, I want to keep the wood and build something with it :)

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