Thursday, May 16, 2013

Birthday & Mother's Day Weekend

I turned the big three-seven last week. I had a nice quiet day in the yard watching squirrels and pondering where to put flowerbeds and what to plant in my garden this year. 
This little guy was sitting out on the telephone wires in front of the house on the morning of my birthday. I spotted him as soon as I opened the front door to let the girls outside to catch their bus. 
"Squirrel!" I shouted. I honestly have no idea why squirrels excite me so much. They just do. I wonder if a person could have a pet squirrel?? :) 
My brother showed up later on and so I put him to work! We raked a ton of leaves and trimmed trees etc. He even had the chainsaw going at one point.  
Seamus found a cozy spot in this pile of leaves :)
We took a break from the yard work and hit the park for a little while. Seamus and my brother had a swinging contest. My brother won. I was sure he was going to fall on his head, but he didn't. Seamus just watched with his mouth hanging open.
Catie pitched in with the yard work later on. She's a good little helper. 
On Mother's Day, we all gathered at my parent's place for a barbecue of homemade burgers, hotdogs and potato salad. Mom baked me this gorgeous chocolate cake too. It was divine! It was rich and moist with a layer of raspberry filling in the middle. I wish I had some right now....
This week I've been discovering the bliss of getting up an hour before the kids do - a ritual I inherited from my mom :) 
There's nothing more peaceful than sipping coffee in the early hours of the morning with nothing but the sound of birds chirping (and me giggling at squirrels). This hour of solitude prepares me for the chaos of getting three kids up and ready for school.  
Did I mention how glad I am that summer is finally here? :) 

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