Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dirty Feet and Sunburns

My garden is sprouting! One week later and tiny little green leaves are already pushing eagerly through the dirt in perfect little rows.

Nature is so magical and amazing. The simple act of planting a few seeds, resulting in a bounty of fresh veggies in a matter of weeks, is something I will never take for granted. 

I better start gathering up recipes for kale because it looks like I'll have LOTS this summer :) 
The kitties chase butterflies and hang out in the tree while I water the garden every morning. I love their quiet company and the little performances they put on for me. It makes me chuckle. 
Mom and I sat and talked for nearly three hours on her deck yesterday afternoon. (I have the sunburn to prove it.) We sipped coffee, munched on cookies and giggled. I snapped some pictures of this barn swallow that was chattering away on the power lines above us. 

I sure love my mama. She's the cutest little thing in the world :) Spending any amount of time with her is like instant therapy for me. She's kind and compassionate and her hugs are so warm and wonderful. ♥
Seamus and I went for a stroll to the store and post office the other day. Halfway there he stopped his bike and said to me, 'Mom, I need a kiss'. He is THE sweetest little guy in the world. Pure love radiates from this boy. We stopped in the middle of the road and I smooched him on the cheek. He smiled and then started pedaling his bike again. 
The day wound down with a final stroll through the yard. The moon hung peacefully in the sky. My feet were dirty, my hair a windblown mess and my shoulders and chest radiated heat from the overabundance of sun I got. It was another blissful summer day... 
...and I'm going to do it ALL over again today! :)

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