Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello Summer

Yesterday felt like the first real day of summer. The kids were wearing shorts and dresses and I even turned the A/C on for a little while in the evening. I got a bit of sunburn while having my coffee with my parents on the deck and I ditched my jeans for a sundress later on :)

This is my new bike. It was actually given to me last year from my family for a birthday/Mother's Day gift. I guess I wasn't feeling adventurous enough to ride it back then. I'm feeling it now though! 

The kids and I went for a bike ride around town last night and then stopped at the park to play. 
I'd forgotten how wonderful it feels to ride a bike! I didn't even fall off or anything. My fly kept unzipping though which was a little odd...
Small town bike riding with kids is wonderful and relaxing. We had the streets all to ourselves and I didn't have to worry about anyone being hit by a car. 
I had Catie pose beside a pile of snow that still hadn't melted.
It's very strange seeing this much snow when its hot outside. 
My poor brother had his third run-in with a deer a couple of nights ago. An innocent trip to go and get gas
turned into a bit of a nightmare for him.
The windshield was smashed, the door dented in, mirror broken and there's a huge tuft of fur stuck in the door handle from where the deer hit.
My brother was okay, but the deer was not :/

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