Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kids in Trees and Birthday Celebrations

I'm sitting on my veranda right now blogging from my phone. Ahh...the wonders of technology :) The kids are all still tucked cozy in their beds. There's a warm gentle breeze, birds chirping all around me and the sun is illuminating everything in the most gorgeous of ways. It feels magical. 

Starting the day off this way helps me balance out the craziness of the rest of my day. It also prepares me for any potential whining or fighting that may occur when three sleepy children are woken up for school. I become a zen-like mom, ready to handle anything they throw my way. Gum is effortlessly snipped from hair, missing shoes are located with ease, forms I forgot to sign are filled out, wardrobe malfunctions are taken care of promptly. I've got it ALL covered. 

A fat robin is perched on the telephone wire only a few meters from me, his bright orange belly glowing in the sun. Ginger kitty is lounging on the veranda gazing intently at the robin. He may be chubby, but he's a stealthy hunter. He brings me the occasional bird and mouse and he catches butterflies like a pro. 
We celebrated Catie's 8th birthday on Sunday by gathering at my parent's house for a delicious barbecue supper and chocolate cake.
She was spoiled with wonderful gifts from her grandparents and aunts and uncles. She keeps all of her goodies stashed up on the top bunk where she sleeps. I have my eye on a bottle of sparkly purple nail polish she got. We have a date to paint our toes after she gets home from school today :)
After supper and gift opening, we all headed outside for some coffee and fresh air. The kids threw rocks and sticks into the pond behind the house and went hunting for frogs and garter snakes. It was a really lovely gathering :)

The yard just gets more lush and green every day. Everything is bursting with blossoms. 
Dandelions have taken over the back lawn, which is completely fine by me. I love how much colour and cheerfulness they add to the yard. 
Nearly everything has sprouted up in my garden. Soon there will be wonderful veggies to nibble on :)
Seamus has discovered how wonderful it is to climb trees. I found him just hanging out here the other day.
(This is the same tree that Chloe fell out of two summers ago, knocking out her front teeth :)
 Chloe came running into the house a few evenings ago to tell me that Catie was stuck in a tree. This didn't really surprise me one bit :) Of course I grabbed my camera before I headed out the door to rescue her. I knew this would be a good story to tell her when she got older. 'Remember that time you got your leg stuck in that tree??'
She certainly wasn't impressed with me when she saw me giggling and taking pictures :)
 She turned her head away from me and yelled "Mom! Stop taking pictures!" 

She'd gotten her leg stuck INSIDE the tree so I had to get a chair to stand on and lift her out. I was laughing so hard I didn't know if I'd be able to get her out. I had visions of having to call the fire department to rescue her! :) 

Never a dull moment around here. I am filled with SO much gratitude :)

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