Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last Day of School and Storm Chasing

The girls had their last day of school on Wednesday. They were pretty excited :) Where did that school year go?! It's all a complete blur. 
Next year, Seamus will be in Grade 1, Catie in Grade 3 and Chloe in Grade 5. 
Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out how nearly 20 years have passed since I graduated from high school!
After the girls left, I wandered around the yard soaking up the sun and feeling happy that it had stopped raining for awhile. 
I sat beside my garden and drank coffee from the biggest cup I could find. I choked right after I took this picture. LOL
The kitty was there too of course. He flopped down on the grass and rolled around on his back making me giggle. I'm sure he must think he's a dog :) 
My garden is doing great except for the broccoli. I think maybe the kitties got into it.
 I've been snipping fresh dill and putting it in everything I can think of. 
I've been having green smoothies for breakfast. I blend together baby kale, spinach, almond milk, a banana, flax seed, chia seeds and a squeeze of honey. Delicious.
Dark clouds rolled in later that afternoon so the kids and I did a bit of storm chasing :)
Nothing too scary happened where we were, but the clouds were sure pretty.  
I crawled into bed last night with the windows wide open and the creepy sounds of foxes echoing outside. They make all sorts of strange noises. Listen to this YouTube clip and you'll hear the exact noises I heard. It will give you goosebumps! :)

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