Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Picture Post

 Seamus and I went for a little car ride yesterday. It was our first official drive of the summer :) We spotted some curious horses with their babies. 
This pond was noisy with the sound of honking ducks and splashing birds. 
This red winged blackbird flew around nervously while I took pictures. 
After our little excursion, I added some new items to my Etsy shop. These tiny glass vials are filled with dandelion seeds and lilacs. Very pretty and unique :)
This is a 12mm ring featuring fragrant dried purple lilacs.  

  I started my Saturday morning off with an early stroll around the yard carrying my coffee and my camera. Carmen, the mama kitty, followed me around. As you can tell by the bulge in her belly, she's going to be having babies any day now. Anybody want a kitten?? :)
I love taking pictures in the morning. The light is always so gorgeous and I love how the grass makes my toes wet when I walk through it. 
These sparkling dew drops on tall blades of grass caught my eye.  
Dew drops were covering everything in the garden too. 
I spotted these two moths snoozing on a prickly leaf in the grass.
I'm not sure what kind of bush this is, but they're all over the backyard and they're filled with these tiny pink little buds. 
I noticed this spider as I was heading back into the house. He was busy wrapping up a fly he'd caught in his web. 
The Virginia Creeper is slowly creeping up my bamboo trellis along the front of the house. I planted some Morning Glories there too but they're a little slower to get growing. 
We're having a wonderful Saturday so far. The kids are playing contentedly and I'm just puttering around the house folding laundry and catching up on dishes. I'm going to head back out to the garden soon and pick some fresh rhubarb. Mom gave me an amazing secret recipe to try out. If she says its okay, I'll post pictures and the recipe on my blog soon ;)
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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