Monday, June 24, 2013

The Beach

We hit the beach this weekend. It was a perfectly warm sunny day with a nice breeze to keep us just the right amount of cool. The sound of the water splashing against the shore and the feeling of the cool sand between my toes was wonderful. 
The kids took off for the water - except for Chloe, who was pouting because she wanted to swim in the pool and not in the lake. I reminded her that we had the entire summer ahead of us to swim in the pool. She was soon distracted by rock collecting and dipping her toes in the water. 
Cloud watching. 
We had supper at my folk's place that evening. I wandered around their yard with my camera and snapped pictures. They have a mini forest and a murky pond behind their house - perfect for getting some cool photos.

Catie was busy throwing sticks into the green murky pond.
Little patches of clover. 
The June 23rd Supermoon.
The last day full of school for the kids is Wednesday. They pick up report cards on Friday and then summer vacation officially begins!
This mama is really looking forward to calmer mornings and sleeping in occasionally. 

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