Thursday, June 20, 2013


Today I did at least five loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, picked weeds in the rain, wandered around the yard and took pictures, made a ton of new rings and pendants, drank three cups of coffee, banged my elbow really hard on something and swore like a trucker, cleaned the girls room and survived and noticed for the millionth time how badly the bathroom needs to be cleaned but never quite got around to it.  

Thank goodness for my brother who stops by on a daily basis to check and see if I'm still alive. He mowed the lawn last night and made a trip to the dump for me today and he usually takes a kid with him when he runs errands. Grandma has the kids over for visits too. When Catie goes over there she usually eats all of Grandma's pickles and whatever other snacky things she has. Sometimes its hard to keep track of everybody with all of the coming and going :) 

I usually start getting the kids ready for bed at around 7:30 and aim to have them in their beds by 8:30 or 9pm at the latest. It's nearly 10pm and I can still hear giggling and talking upstairs. As long as there's no screaming and fighting and endless calls for 'MOM!', I'm totally fine with whatever they're doing up there.

There's a cool breeze blowing in and I can hear thunder rumbling in the distance. We haven't had a good storm yet this summer, so maybe tonight is the night. I've got some candles handy just in case :)

I love wandering around the yard barefoot and pretending I'm in the middle of a forest somewhere. This is the view of the backyard of the abandoned house next door. I'm sure a person could get lost and have lot's of adventures in there. 
The lawn is filled with dandelions and this pretty pink clover.
The radishes are growing like crazy in the garden. I keep picking a bunch to give to my dad because he loves them, but I always end up accidentally eating them. Oops! Sorry dad :) 
Purple wildflowers are growing all over the yard and attract these cute little bees. 
I spotted bird's nests, fallen trees, ant hills, spiderwebs and earthworms today. I also noticed that there are tiny little tomato plants growing ALL over my garden. They reseeded themselves from last year :)

The wind is picking up now and all is quiet upstairs. I can see lightning flashing outside.
My back is sore, my eyes are tired and my tummy is growling. I'm thinking a bubble bath followed by a snack is how the rest of my night should go. I hope the power stays on :)

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