Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fractured Bones and Fireworks

It's been a wild past few days around here, which I suppose isn't all that different from how it usually is :) We're in the middle of a heat wave right now and I've been feeling so exhausted and just not myself. Thankfully the evenings cool down enough that I perk up enough to get a few things done before falling into bed. 

Seamus kicked off summer holidays by falling from the swing set and fracturing his wrist. I knew just by the way he was acting that he'd injured it pretty bad. Thankfully we have a wonderful medical clinic only a few minutes away. My brother watched the girls for me while I took him for x-rays. The doctor put a cast on him and sent us on our way. He's adjusted quite well to it. The only downside to having a cast on is that he can't swim for three weeks which he's pretty bummed about it.  
On July 1st, our mama kitty had kittens. The kids were at their dad's for the long weekend and I was home alone when all of the action happened. I was quite relieved when only two kittens made an appearance. I think that's probably more than enough :) They're so tiny and fuzzy and their meows are so cute!
The Canada Day fireworks at Last Mountain Lake were pretty good this year. Unfortunately, I forgot bug repellent and was eaten alive by mosquitoes. I enjoyed the scenery on the way out to the lake as much as the actual fireworks. 

Rain falling in sheets off in the distance.
Layers of clouds floating against the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset. 
The sun setting on the lake. 

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