Friday, November 22, 2013

November Nuances

Summer turned to fall without much warning and then fall turned to winter overnight and here we are covered in a thick blanket of snow. I keep peeking out the windows, not quite wanting to believe it yet.  The temperatures have dropped down to the -30's with the windchill which really isn't anything out of the ordinary around here. I have hot baths, electric blankets & plastic sealed windows to keep me warm at night.

November has been a month filled with a lot of surrender and  learning to let go. The kids brought a couple of  nasty bugs home this month and we're on round two of the stomach flu.  The first round took me down with it. I missed my first craft show and spent two days in bed feeling pretty awful. The kids were at their dad's for the weekend which I was SO grateful for. I can't imagine how awful it would have been to look after sick kids while I was feeling so sick too. I've done it before, and I can tell you there really isn't anything much worse than that.
Seamus crawled into bed with me sometime last night and by 6:30 am I was holding a puke bucket for him while he sat shivering on the toilet. Poor little guy. By the end of the day he was literally bouncing off the walls with energy so I'm quite sure he'll be back to school tomorrow. My fingers are crossed that the girls avoid getting sick this weekend.
Our household has also been very busy with lot's of small furry creatures roaming around. Our mama cat had 5 babies on October 14th and they're busily exploring the house and climbing up legs and causing all sorts of cute chaos.

I'm hoping to find homes for all of them before Christmas. It shouldn't be a problem because they're SO darn cute!!
In addition to kid and cat wrangling, I've been busily working on all sorts of things for a couple of craft shows I have coming up.  I've been creating some soldered glass pendants with gorgeous things I picked and pressed from my garden.
This is red clover and it grows in patches all over the lawn. I can't believe the gorgeous textures and colours such a tiny flower has.
I planted a row of dill in my garden this past summer and the entire yard smelled like pickles. I obsessively took pictures of the dill at every stage of growth as well as picked and pressed it between the pages of my gardening books.
I've tucked the kids all cozy into their beds with the hopes that everyone sleeps peacefully through the night.  The earthy smell of Nag Champa incense fills the air. Breathing it in deeply and closing my eyes calms me and the tension in my neck and shoulders melts away. Sometimes I surprise myself  by bursting into tears after releasing that last deep breath.
I'm nursing a cup of coffee that I brewed earlier to help me make it through the whole bedtime routine.  I can't explain how challenging it is to get three little human beings into bed at the same time.  It's quite the three ring circus sometimes :)
I always have grand plans to do amazing things after the kids go to bed.  However, by the time the dust has settled, all I can think about is soaking in the tub for awhile and then diving into bed myself.  I'm lucky to make it past 10pm these days!

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