Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cats Need Scarves Too

I spent the week hiding out in my cozy little house, sipping coffee, crocheting and napping blissfully. I also talked to myself a lot. And giggled when I said something funny. 

I've learned how to completely ignore winter at this point. If I need to go outside, I just wrap myself in as many infinity scarves as I can and that seems to do the trick. 

I packed Etsy orders and shipped jewelry and infinity scarves to gorgeous women in 3 different countries. I drank green smoothies and exercised my ass off on my squeaky elliptical machine. I did this all of this while listening to The Strumbellas - my official soundtrack for the week. 

They're an amazing indie folk band from Ontario that I discovered recently and fell in love with. I downloaded their last two albums and have been listing to them on an endless loop for days.  

'Home Sweet Home' is currently blaring and it just gets my toes tapping and makes me feel happy. Every single song on this album is awesome. I highly recommend it. 

Their music kind of makes me want to wear plaid, chug beer from frosty mugs and cut down trees with a giant ax. It's weird. Maybe I'd grow a beard too if I could. 
I've been working on other crochet projects this week. It's fun trying new things! YouTube is packed full of all sorts of wonderful tutorials. With all of my leftover yarn, I started making some granny squares. I think once they're all sewn together, they'll make a really cozy blanket :)
I found some cotton yarn at our local hardware store and whipped up these cute little washcloths. I might make more and sell them in sets of 3. They're perfect for using during my epic bubblebaths and they're mildly exfoliating too. 
I ordered some yarn online about a week ago so I'm patiently waiting for it to arrive so I can whip up more scarves to wrap myself in. (Is it weird to put scarves on cats??)

  That's my only complaint about living in a small town - reduced access to craft supplies. Oh well, if that's all I have to complain about, then that's okay I guess. 

In other news, here's Ginger in a box. I like to place various sized boxes all over the house and see which cats sit in which boxes...and then take pictures. It's highly entertaining. And worrisome. 
I think he'd look much cuter wearing a scarf.....

Just for fun, I Googled 'scarves for cats' and there is actually a website for that!
Yes, of course there is :)

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