Thursday, January 16, 2014

Juggling January

Last week was a blur of frigid weather, sick kids (and a sick ME), school buses not running and the furnace breaking down. I surrendered to it by sleeping as much as possible and only doing what absolutely needed to be done. We all got through it just fine. Lot's of cozy days and nights napping on the couch and watching movies with the kids. And gallons of gingerale.

 I drove the kids into the city on Friday night through extremely thick fog for a weekend visit at their dad's. It was the kind of fog where you couldn't see very far in any direction. It was like driving in the middle of a cloud. It wasn't until I was about halfway to my destination that I realized I was rather terrified. I was grateful for a big pickup truck infront of me that I ended up following into town. It led me safely to my destination. Had I not heard about the ten car pileup that had happened on that same highway the previous day, I may have been a little less nervous. 

Seamus turned 7 last week. We ended up having his party at my folk's place a few days later when everyone was finally feeling better.  
 For the last couple of weeks he's been a total eating machine. He must be going through a major growth spurt because I can't seem to get enough food in this kid. 

Here he is in the summer of 2010. Look how little and cute and chubby he was!  
It makes my heart ache a little bit when I realize how fast he grew up. These last four years have been so full of adventure and change for all of us. I wouldn't change a thing though :)

Today the weather warmed up enough that I actually stepped outside for awhile and shoveled my front steps off. I'd witnessed my brother take an epic tumble on them the previous day so I wanted to ensure it didn't happen again, despite how entertaining it was. He didn't hurt himself at all so it was okay to giggle about it right? It was like a scene from a movie - very well choreographed and in slow motion - like he'd planned it. 

Catie built the cutest little snowman in the front yard this afternoon. She used cat food for the facial details. Clever girl :)

I'm sitting at my desk listening to music and slowly working my way through a container of this stuff:
Bliss indeed! It's gluten free and there's no dairy in it, which is perfect for my tummy :)

I'm thoroughly enjoying my crochet addiction. I usually wait until the kids are in bed and then I get all cozy on the couch with my yarn and hook, a cup of tea, and reruns of The Big Bang Theory. There's usually a kitty curled up beside me too. 

I listed these three scarves in my Etsy shop today.  
It's after midnight all of the sudden so I should probably get to bed. I have lot's of crafting and crocheting to do tomorrow :)

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