Saturday, April 26, 2014


April has been snowy and rainy and the forecast is saying we're getting more of the same next week. I go back and forth between wearing flip flops and winter boots. The kids can't figure out if they should wear boots, runners, or rubber boots for school. The front porch ends up being a chaotic mess of squishy, soggy footwear, mixed in with skipping ropes and ice skates. April is always the strangest month for weather. 

 I bought some tulips and various other plants to add some greenery and much needed cheerfulness to the house. 
A sneak peek at the gorgeous summer sunsets that are (hopefully!) right around the corner.
The snow has been melting gradually all month, revealing buried treasures in the backyard. (Nothing incriminating.)
 The kids always seem to lose their shovels right after the first snowfall. They take them outside excitedly and then promptly forget about them where they end up covered with snow until Spring. 
Ginger kitty peed on this red shovel right after I snapped this picture. *sigh*
I ventured out into the backyard last night for some fresh air and picture taking.
Catie climbed a tree that had fallen down into our yard. 
My vegetable garden is a complete mess. It was clear I became overwhelmed with it and just let the snow cover it all up so I wouldn't have to think about it. It's amazing how well preserved everything was! There were a few scary looking tomatoes lurking here and there. And a mouldy pumpkin. 
I spent some time wrestling the dead foliage into a big pile in the middle of the garden. Maybe I'll drink too much wine one night and go out there and light it all on fire. It's supposed to be good for the soil :)

As usual, there were kitties wandering around curiously.
"You have too many cats," my brother stated. 
"Uh yeah, I know." I replied, somewhat sarcastically and a little bit defensively :)
There's a mini lake across the street from all the melted snow. The kids love to splash around in it, fill their boots with water and then run home squealing with water sloshing out all over the place. 
I love this time of year when all of the birds return home from down south. The geese make me giggle with  their silly honking noises.
Catie and Seamus caught a couple of garter snakes recently and let them loose on the veranda. Ginger wasn't quite sure what to think :)
I'm trying really hard to get back into this blogging thing again. I missed it :)

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