Monday, April 28, 2014

Easing Through The End Of Winter

We have kittens wandering all over the house again. Three furry little cuties that love to wrestle with each other and attack my ankles while I'm doing up the dishes. Last night when I tucked the kids in, they each had a kitten curled up with them on their pillows. Very cute :) 

I spent part of my evening watching a very interesting documentary called Karmageddon by Jeff Brown. The movie is described as "a personal examination of the spiritual journey featuring 1960s counter-culture icon and chanter Bhagavan Das and Jeff Brown, former lawyer turned spiritual author (Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation).  Rivetingly personal and profoundly universal, the film illuminates and explores many of the questions that confront spiritual seekers at every stage of the journey."  

Jeff Brown is a very down to earth person who writes very profound things about the spiritual journey of life:

"If there is anything that can prevent us from excavating and honoring our callings, it is our own shame. With our light hidden under a bushel of shame, it is very difficult to imagine our highest possibilities. If we think we are worthless, how can we spot the God-self that lives inside of us? How can we know our inherent magnificence? Your shame has nothing to say about who you really are, never did, never will. In truth, you don't need anyone else's permission to be here. God gave you all the permission you need."

He also offers a course called Sacred Feminine Rising which I'm thinking about checking out. "This course supports the healing and transformation of the wounds, traumas and negative self-beliefs inflicted by the shadow of the masculine." 

As I headed to bed, I noticed a thin blanket of snow had fallen. This morning there was even more snow and I could see the disappointed looks on the kid's faces when they noticed too. As they grumpily put their winter boots on, I assured them that most of it would probably be melted in a day or two. The road is already dry and I've heard the steady sound of dripping water all morning. I'm thinking it's probably going to be at least another month until it feels like summer is here to stay. 

I've been spending some time perfecting the art of making these gorgeous crochet mandala rings. I use a 2.5mm hook and embroidery thread to make them. If you'd like to try this yourself, you can purchase the pattern over at Hidden Violet. 

I'm going to start working on some granny square style ones too:) 

The kids will be home soon. I should whip up some chocolate chip cookies in an attempt to cheer them up and distract them from fighting with each other. Sometimes it actually works :) 

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