Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nature Watching and Binge Eating Cake

The kids always make me the most wonderful handmade cards and gifts for Mother's day:)
I love the cute things they write inside their cards. Catie's said "I love you so much and if I had a different mom I would move out and come find you". 
Seamus had a fill in the blanks kind of a card that made me smile and get all teary eyed. 
My mom loves me best when: "I give her a hug."
My mom looks prettiest: "All the time."  (Awww!)
The funniest thing I remember about Mom is: "When she fell in the snow." 
I can't remember which incident he's referring to because I probably just blocked it out. (I can be klutzy.)

Mom made me a yummy chocolate cake for my (38th!!) birthday. Catie was being grumpy that night. She's pretty good at that sometimes. Her birthday is coming up so I'm sure she'll be less grumpy when its her turn to blow out the candles:)
The cake was delicious. The kids were really lucky that I shared the leftovers with them. Normally I'd binge eat the leftover cake late at night while watching sappy chick flicks and crying. So sharing the cake was weird, you know?
I spent a few hours this past Sunday at the Rowan's Ravine Market selling my goodies. I got to test out my new pop up canopy tent, enjoy some fresh air and chat with the very friendly locals. 
There were nine vendors set up in total, selling a little bit of everything. I was surprised at the number of people that turned out considering that it was a bit chilly and windy and the forecast called for rain. The sun came out just often enough to warm everyone up and thankfully the rain never did make an appearance. 
This was the first sale I've done in about five months so it was really nice to get back into the swing of things again and boost myself back into creativity mode. 

A couple of weeks ago, I found new homes for all of our kitties except for one. Most of them went to a nearby farm where they'll have access to a heated barn and lots of room to run around and catch mice. It feels really strange in here without all those little furballs underfoot. Also, I can no longer be jokingly referred to as the "Crazy Cat Lady". 
The kids have already been asking if we can get another pet. I told them they could have as many pets as they wanted when they move out and get their own house. I'm pretty sure that's the same line my parents used on me - which may have something to do with how I ended up with so many cats! 

I bet the view is great from up there :) 
Catie showed me this huge wasp nest she spotted on the eaves of the house next door. It gave me goosebumps just looking at that creepy thing, but also a sense amazement that insects could build such an intricate structure.

It's been awhile since I've seen deer around. Tonight I was happy to spot this one grazing on the fresh green buds of the trees in the backyard. 
He casually jumped over the fence once I got a bit too close and he ended up in my parent's backyard down the block a few minutes later. 
Mom and dad have been busy watching hummingbirds from their kitchen window. I'm somewhat envious of them and would love to hang a feeder outside of my kitchen window too. I'm starting to prefer the shows happening outside my front door as opposed to actual television. Much less obnoxious. 
It finally feels like summer is here to stay. Time to dig out my sundresses (and shave my legs). I'm hoping to get my garden worked up and planted this weekend and I'm itching to check out the greenhouse for some lovely hanging baskets of flowers. 

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