Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mosquito Bitten Bums & Crochet Bowls

Summer has been wonderfully divine so far. The kids and I kicked things off by heading out to the pool at the lake after they finished their last day of school. The weather was gorgeous and I was happy to just kick back and relax (and crochet) while I watched them do cannonballs off the diving board. 

Walks on the beach are still my favorite part of being out at the lake. The cool sand between my toes, the sound of the waves lapping at the shore and finding pretty rocks and pieces of driftwood. Watching Seamus skip rocks and burying various parts of his body in the sand is also pretty awesome too. 

I've been bringing a tote bag full of yarn and crochet hooks with me wherever I go. It's amazing how many things I've made just by doing a few stitches here and there. I'm getting a nice tan from sitting outside crocheting too! :) My crocheted bowl collection is expanding quite nicely. I figure it's never too early to start preparing for winter craft shows. 
I've also delved into making crochet rugs from strips of old fabric and t-shirts. I stayed up late last night drinking coffee, cutting fabric into 1" strips and wrestling with my giant 12mm crochet hook.

My lovely sister and her boyfriend spent a weekend visiting recently. We giggled, painted our toes, took the kids to the lake, hit a couple of local thrift shops, drank fancy beer, experienced a near tornado, got eaten alive by mosquitoes and had a wonderful family BBQ at my folks place.
 Everyone accompanied me to a small local Farmer's Market that Saturday which was lot's of fun. There was face painting for the kids and a bouncy castle too :)
The visit with my sister and her boyfriend wasn't nearly long enough and I hope I get to see them again very soon. I'm SO excited because they're expecting their first baby in January. I'm going to be an Auntie! (Can you imagine all of the crochet baby booties and little hats she's going to be the recipient of??!:) 

I haven't spent as much time out in my garden as I would like to. We've had such a weird summer so far. Tons of rain in May and June which made it hard to plant things and it was quite chilly so nothing is growing as well as it should be. The mosquitoes are also completely out of control and I risk being eaten alive anytime I venture out there. I slather myself with bug repellent but still end up with a mosquito bitten bum. They're sneaky like that! And it's so hard to scratch your bum and look ladylike while doing it.  *sigh*
Hope you're enjoying your summer too - minus the mosquito bitten bum of course :)

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