Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dill Jungles And Nonconformist Cows

SO it would seem I have quite a lot of dill growing in my garden. I didn't intentionally plant dill this year - it just reseeded itself from last summer's garden and then proceeded to take over. There's so much back there that I can smell it when I step out the front door. Passersby may suspect I'm operating a pickle factory from my house. It's grown so tall that I frequently use it to hide from the children. It's just a matter of crouching down a bit and I am completely obscured by it.

I actually love how beautiful it looks and I don't mind a bit that it took over the garden. The peas are using it as a trellis so at least it serves a purpose in that regard. It reminds me very much of Queen Anne's Lace which I happen to love too. The funniest thing about having so much dill is the fact that I completely forgot to plant cucumbers this summer! Ha!

My cilantro has been plentiful as well. I've chopped a bit of it up and added it to my black bean quinoa salads. Very yummy! 

It's started to bloom recently. The tall, pretty white flowers will eventually turn to coriander seeds. The dainty flowers will be perfect for pressing and turning into gorgeous pendants too :)

I haven't had as much time for my garden as I would have liked this summer unfortunately. I've been quite busy with the kids, work stuff and doing monthly farmer's markets. The weather hasn't really co-operated very well either. Oh well, there's always next summer! :) 

 I've handed my garden over to Mother Nature at this point and will be content with whatever I can harvest from it. So far I've gotten yellow and purple beans, snap peas, green onion, some questionable looking spinach and a couple of green peppers. So what if I have to use a machete to fight my way through the dill?

On our many gravel road explorations this summer, the kids and I have noticed a lot of escaped cows - usually calves. It's like they didn't get the memo that they're supposed to stay INSIDE the fence so they just go and do their own thing. 

I love how all of the other cows are staring at this rebel calf with concern and a bit of confusion. 

Elliot Brood is releasing a new album in October. I'm already in love with the first song they released. I feel like the song goes well with this blog post :) 

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