Thursday, September 4, 2014

Harvest Season and Lumberjacks

Harvest season is in full swing and the fields all around us are bustling with activity. I'm in complete denial that the end of summer has come so abruptly. I'm not ready to give up my dresses and flip flops and coffees on the veranda quite yet. I tried wearing jeans and a bra the other day and immediately became violently grumpy. The longer the snow stays away, the happier I will be!  
The girls returned to school this week and so far they're loving it. Seamus, who was the last to get a yucky flu/virus going around, hasn't felt well enough to go back yet. He's currently tucked in on the couch having a much needed snooze. 
I attended the final farmer's market of the season out at the Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park campground this past weekend. The weather was cool and we got a sprinkling of rain, but that didn't stop the campers from coming to check all of the vendors out. 
In fact, I was quite thankful for the cool weather because it helped me sell more than half of my infinity scarves :) 
The organizers of the market also sell their homemade goodies there and I managed to snag a jar of strawberry rhubarb jam before their table was picked clean. I've squirreled it away in my fridge for now. I usually indulge in it on toast after the kids go to bed when I realize I haven't had anything to eat except coffee for hours and hours. 
After the market was over, Lumberjack Guy and I retreated to our campsite and settled in for a weekend of ultimate relaxation. I watched him expertly chop wood while I tried to concentrate on my crocheting. (Bearded guys chopping wood can be somewhat of a distraction :)
We rented bikes the next day and explored the park. The lake was calm and I wished we could have  hopped into one of those boats parked in the marina and sped off into the middle of the lake for a picnic.

Hundreds of seagulls were gathered on the beach. I wanted to run out there and capture them all flying away. Another couple walking along the beach startled the birds for me so I was able to get a few pictures without getting pooped on :)
It was a beautiful day and I could have pedaled around for hours taking pictures, but soon our bums got sore from the crappy seats on our rental bikes so we headed back to camp for lunch and cold beers. I brought my fabric stash along with me and crocheted some pretty fabric bowls. 
I'm prepping for the Etsy: Made in Canada pop up market in Saskatoon on the 27th of September. I foresee many late nights ahead of me...and lot's of coffee too. 
 I've ordered a ton of yarn and I'm crocheting like a madwoman every chance I get. I'm just hoping there won't be anymore pukers to distract me!

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