Saturday, September 13, 2014

Throw A Brick At Your TV and Go Outside!

The kids have gone to their dad's for the weekend and as usual, I'm struggling with relaxing and actually enjoying my alone time. With no kids around to distract me, my attention is drawn to the fact that every single room in my house looks like a hurricane passed through it. All flat surfaces are covered with clutter. Its enough to make me almost hyperventilate and retreat to the bathtub with a glass of wine. 

Rather than go into total panic mode, I've decided to take a casual approach to the messes. I'm enjoying putting things back in order with the help of strong coffee, music and crochet breaks. Being randomly attacked by the cat also keeps things interesting. Oh, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate :)

This past Sunday, the weather was hot enough for bathing suits and sundresses and one final trip to the lake. Good thing, because it's been chilly and rainy ever since. 

I walked along the shoreline with my toes in the cool sand, trying to absorb as much sunshine as I possibly could. The ending of summer always makes me feel wistful. Winter draws me into a cocoon of sleepy hibernation and makes it hard to feel like doing much of anything.  

The kids fished off the dock for what seemed like hours. They didn't catch anything, but that didn't even seem to matter to them :)

After the kids finished fishing, they did a bit of swimming and playing in the sand. 

I enjoyed watching them have so much fun doing something that didn't involve television or video games. 
I often fantasize about throwing a brick through the tv, tossing computers off the roof and flushing all handheld device down the toilet. That might be a bit extreme I suppose. For now, hiding remotes and power cords seem to work just fine when I feel like 'unplugging' is necessary.

Today I am in love with The Wild Reeds and I have repeat set on this album :)

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